Hello, My name is Laura. What am i about? what is this blog about? well… nearly two years ago, i decided to make a change in my lifestyle, in the process of this i fell in love with it, i fell in love with the changes i began to see in my life. I began to see my life evolve and change before my eyes. I was so surprised what living a good lifestyle could do, my state of mind began to dramatically change, as did my physical strength also. After experiencing the changes first hand what good food and fitness can do I decided to start a blog in order to encourage others to embark on this journey too, offer fitness and health tips.

I am not a nutritionist, nor am i a personal trainer, i am just a regular (well not regular i’m pretty amazing lol) person just like any other person trying to become the greatest version of myself. On this blog i will simply discuss what has worked for me,my research¬†and the results i’ve achieved through these methods. Stay posted for many more posts to come.

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