The Vision- Kill procrastination.

Health and fitness is not just about going to the gym and eating right.. Its also about what goes on in your mental, your thoughts, etc. So, having a fit exterior also means having a healthy interior not just by the foods you intake  but how you think, your thought processes, how you view yourself & the world around you.

One thing that  visionaries hate most is stalling.. and by “stalling” I mean procrastinating . From experience the worst thing about procrastination is the emotions that come along with it. And one of the major misconceptions people have of “positive thinking” is you have to be constantly positive no matter the situation however that’s not the case even the most positive people in this world have down days.

*mini anecdote*

From my own experience I have had days where I feel defeated and unmotivated. Some days for no absolute reason but I just don’t feel like my usual self, other days I am homesick (funnily enough) & some days its just a mixture of all the above and just the general stress of life takes it toll on me.Last year in a brief conversation with my mum she said to me ” I hope you are working hard” this simple phrase almost brought me to tears .That one simple phrase got me in my feelings, because i felt as though i wasn’t working hard , ” i am not doing enough” “i am not pushing myself to be best I can” ” Am I ever going to achieve my goals?” “will i be successful?” “i’m stalling”  all these phrases going round in my head, created such a high level of anxiety in my system that I was having mini panic attacks, finding it difficult to breath & difficult to sleep & random intense migraines, all things that have never been a problem before. Ok all these were an issue and I was trying my hardest to ignore them. Pretending as though I wasn’t stressed in order not to be stressed. Just ignoring that the problem was there but i realised you dig yourself a deeper hole when you begin to kick yourself when your down already and , you don’t acknowledge that you are stressed and need to sort it out. 

Here are 5 methods that always help me when I feel down;

  1. CRY!; – LET IT ALL OUT. Seriously though its not a joke, because we live in a society today where everyone likes to “pretend” everyone likes to hide their emotions. Be emotionless, crying is not for the weak. I have noticed that the more you hold in stress, the more it affects you in different ways causing anxiety, panic attacks, etc. But I find that when I cry, i’ve acknowledged that “bla bla was wrong” or that I was feeling defeated or sad. Cry to yourself and then wipe your tears and get on with it. I’ve personally noticed I like getting my way alot. I don’t mean this in a childish way but in terms of if I’ve planned to complete about 10 tasks in one week an I accomplish 4 for example that will upset me and stress me out. I’m aware I’m not the only one that’s like this but what you need to remember is your not superwoman or superman- sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. sometimes we need to just take it easy.
  2. MUSIC- don’t overcomplicate things, music is so soothing to the soul. Honestly studies have shown that music not only improves concentration but also helps elevates our mood. So when your feeling sad put on your favourite track and zone out to it. Trust me, it seems so simple and minuscule but it makes so much of a difference. I sometimes listen to gospel music, I find its really uplifting and soulful, bit of jazz, or artists that I find really inspiring.
  3. PRAYER/MEDITATION- Ok this is so important. Really it should be No;1, nevertheless. Prayer is so important when your feeling low or just in general. I find talking to God very therapeutic and relieving. I am talking to God but within the same token myself. Meditation makes so much of a difference. It just as important as prayer, when i started meditating it was really difficult and it still kinda is as i am still new to it but i noticed how much of a difference it makes. It helps calm the mind, helps you regain focus. We live in such a chaotic world and sometimes it can get overwhelming for our minds so meditation helps put a stop to the chaos, allows us to hear and connect with our true self and as result be happier. studies show that people who meditate have a higher level of concentration, are much more elevated in life, and much more brain power. 
  4. FOOD- hmmm. Food. So I don’t mean comfort eat and indulge yourself in junk ! But many studies have shown that there are natural organic foods that can help in elevating your mood as they increase levels of serotonin. Such foods such as dark chocolate, Fruits ie; pineapples, sweet patatoe’s. I know when I’m down good nutritious food definitely picks me right back up again. The food you eat has a direct correlation with your mood, for example loads of processed foods you will eat will make you sluggish and put you directly in zombiefied sleep mode which can be really irritating when trying to be productive, whereas whole hearty food as nature intended will give you the right amount of energy you need to get on with life.
  5. LOVEEEE, LOVE, LOVE- OK I’m kinda soppy sometimes, I believe love makes the world go round *OMG ( forgive me) BUT love can lift your mood instantly, if you are putting yourself down- telling yourself your not good enough, not doing enough etc, sometimes its good to speak to people that will help uplift you and get you out that mindstate, its not embarrassing everyone has down days. If you never did, how would you ever be able to grow? I find that when i feel demotivated just seeing somebody that i love makes me happy again, for example speaking to a boyfriend, your mum or even a friend can make so much of a difference. Don’t block out the world and stay in this little momentary negative bubble of yours.

( one last mini one) SHOWERS; I find showers deeply therapeutic, hot showers sometimes cold just to shock my system, helps so much it helps me reflect on my day gives me the time i need to analyse how I got to the level of procrastination I’m at. What i did wrong and what i can do better, more so it allows me to give my body some deserving love. I don’t know exactly what it is about that but they help so much !

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