“lifting is for men… I don’t want to get bulky”

*inserts laughing face emoji* …..

*continues laughing for the rest of the post *

**** OK seriously though, today’s blog post is about ladies constantly telling me their fear of weights. For a while I too was scared of weights *OH MY GODDD* it is truly scary isn’t it? Ok I should really stop with the sarcasm but whoever created this fear needs to be re-educated & FAST! (laughs to self).

Firstly ladies, ignore the silly comments. Do not fear, you will  not begin to all of a sudden look like a man,no dear you won’t. Women are simply not genetically made up that way. No matter how many weights you lifted you wouldn’t end up looking like a man. That’s a myth- unless you start taking growth hormones.

Benefits of weight lifting when your a woman.

  • Its fun !
  • You build up your strength. Strong is sexy.
  • You can build up areas that you lack in- for example many ladies want to build up their glutes you can do this through various exercises such as squats, adding weight training will help build you a nice and round booty & thats a fact! You can build you curves and become toned!
  • according to studies- weight training burns fat, long after your workout even.

This only a brief post- ladies don’t fear the weight, build the body you long for & don’t listen to silly comments!

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