The secret to sticking to a “diet”

First of all… the most important key to sticking to a “diet” (notice I put it in quotations) is removing the idea of this change being a “diet”, telling your brain that your on a diet immediately implies this change is Temporary.

Secondly Educate yourself; not to be patronising. But many people have a misconceived idea of what a healthy diet exactly is. For example for a long time, I was addicted to Nature Valley  bars- I LOVED them and even worse I used to think they were HEALTHY? yes I did but the truth is these bars are not the most unhealthiest things on the planet, but they are loaded with about 12g of sugar in each small packet.

I could tell you that its really simple and not really as hard a you’ve been tricked to think by the food industry. Living a healthy lifestyle is  not just completely changing what you eat and now just having salads throughout the day…no. It involves eating as close to nature as possible, eating foods that don’t have more than 10 ingredients that you don’t understand or can’t pronounce in the label. If you can’t understand  the label what makes you think your body will? & as a result be able to process these products? Read the labels and if you can’t understand it or recognise any of the ingredients.. don’t eat it. Is always a simple rule to go by. Watch documentaries about your favourite unhealthy foods and healthy alternatives. There is such a wide spread of resources out there to educate and help you along your journey.

For example: 

                  NETFLIX; has a wide range of healthy documentaries on there. Some of my favourites                                  are VITALITY, FOOD MATTERS, COWSPIRACY. Check them out. 

           YouTube, is also a great way to start too, simply type in tips on living a healthy lifestyle and        a range of results will some up honestly. you just have to look .

Thirdly, attempt to reprogramme your brain. For example instead of  believing your restricting yourself trick yourself in to believing your freeing yourself. which in reality you are doing. Change your attitude to

  ” I want that but i can’t have it to I can have it but i don’t want it “


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