Training for Abs:

Firstly, you can do all the crunches you want in the world, You can do as much ab exercises as you want but unfortunately if you don’t change or alter your diet you will never see those beautiful abs… sadly. I know this saying is totally rinsed out, but abs are most definitely made, constructed, built, defined whatever verb you choose to use lol… in the kitchen. It doesn’t get much clearer than that to be honest.

So when you are doing your crunches but still eating shit, your abs won’t show because of the percentage of fat that are still on top of your abs- the aim is to try and reduce the fat in that area to as low as possible so that the muscle can begin to show. A combination of both exercise and diet is essential for you to obtain the lean stomach you want.

Here is a short  list of foods you can implement into your diet to help you achieve your goals:

. Lean meats- fish- salmon, salmon specifically is nutritionally dense, high in protein, and high in omega three acids.

. Eggs- they are relatively high in protein- also studies have found that people who ate eggs for breakfast were less likely to feel hungry early on in the day compared to people who had muffins, croissants, etc.

. Leafy greens- Kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli- one cup of spinach has about 20 calories,  one cup of broccoli has about 30 calories but extremely high in fibre.

. Go mad on Berries- natural antioxidant, and are also loaded in fibre. Why is fibre so important in losing weight? because its found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains making it easy to digest,it passes quickly through the body without causing the sugar levels to rise.

Here is a short Ab- circuit- lasting about 15 minutes:

Burpees- jumping from a plank position to standing up – aim for 10-12 reps

Elevated crunches- laying down,  bring your knees to 90 degrees in  the air and proceed to slowly do a crunch, focus on using the abdominal muscles and not straining or pressurising the neck as this can result in injury – aim for 12- 15 reps.

Leg lifts- laying down, lift your legs up into the air slightly lifting your bum off the floor too then b ring your legs back down & repeat- aim for 12-15 reps.

Plank- one of the most known core exercises. This is effective not only for your  core but also strengthening your back and posture – aim to plank for about 30 secs- 1 Min. its all depending on how strong your core is.

( all of this counts as 1 set- take a 20 sec break and repeat)




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