Frequently asked Quesions- answered!

“I just want to work on my stomach ”

        “I don’t want to lose my lose my boobs or ass”

This a funny one, only because everyones body is different. We all store fat in different areas of our body. When trying to lose weight we can’t selectively choose where we want to lose fat- sadly it doesn’t work like that. Your body will begin to lose weight in all areas, this is mainly due to genetics and simply how your body Works. So yea sadly in order to get that pretty toned stomach, you will most probably lose weight in other areas aswell. BUT the great thing is, eventhough you have lost weight in these areas you can always gain it back in the form of muscle mass through resistance and weight training- for example if you lost your ass, you could always squat and build up that area!

 “If i workout can i still eat whatever i want”

“I’ve been training for a while but i’m not seeing the results i want to see”

Ermm… unfortunately for some no… lol. As i’ve said before many times exercise and diet come hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Unless you are a guy trying to bulk up i suppose you could go crazy on junk. However i think this defeats the point of working out, why work hard in the gym and then restrict yourself from obtaining great results because of your diet? i would advice. Eating clean, enjoying healthy foods, finding healthy alternatives to your favourite fatty foods and including this in to your diet. Cleansing your plattte ( thats a whole different post) but you’ll find after you’ve cleansed your platte you won’t crave processed foods as much as you did before.  In asnswer to the second statement, One how long do you consider a while? lol..a while could be 3 months, 6 months, a year, two years… etc. Anyway, i would say one look closely at your diet? is your diet supportive of your training programme? are you eating clean and all the right foods that will aid you in losing weight or toning up?  are you including more fruits and vegetables, lean meats, poutry and fish in to your diet, are you snacking less? are you drinking enough water daily? if the answer to this is no then thats something you need to fix asap. Moreso, sadly if you are doing all of that and still not seeing results then maybe you should look at your consistency levels? are you pushing yourself during you’re workouts? or are you just coming and leaving as soon as you get tired? do you miss workouts? if the answer to these are no then you know what you need to do. On the other hand, if you are doing all these things, and still not seeing changes, all i can say is stay strong & trust the process. Matter of fact fall in love with the process! Changes don’t happen overnight, they take time, dedication and committment. Keep pushing, you will soon reach your treasure. Good things never come easy. Everyones body is different, your friend may lose weight quicker than you, but stay strong, your time is coming.. lol.

“How do i build a toned, big and lifted ‘booty’ “

*rolls eyes* …. you can build a booty through high resistancce and weight training in that area. This includes lifting heavy, incoporating compound exercises to target the three main muscles in the glutes. Which are gluteal maximus, gluteal minumus & gluteal medius, all these important muscles put together build up the mass / size of the glutes. Some exercises you can incorporate to work on these muscles are squats, lunges, Cable kickbacks, kneeling squats etc. Doing this exercises using some weights will target these msucles and allow them to grow. You also need to eat well, have a protein packed diet, will help encourage growth. Further more to this rest! I know nowa days everybody wants a ‘big booty’ but that doesn’t mean you have to work it out everyday, don’t give the muscle too much stress lol… take it easy.You should aim to train legs two- three times a week. Two is more than enough, if your really working those glutes. Also don’t just work out your glutes and forget about the rest of the legs, lol, in corporate other exercises to target the hamstrings, calfs etc. Straight legged deadlifts are a good exercise that targets the hamstrings aswell as the glutes. Finally i just wanted to say, take it easy dont be so hard on yourself, some of us are not all genetically predisposed to having huge peaches. Take it easy, train hard, eat well and remember genetics also play a key role in your development.

“I’m losing weight but don’t look toned”

Ok first of all losing weight and toning up are two differnt things. The act of toning up includes shedding excess fat and revealing those beautiful muscles that were hiding underneath. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look toned?many women say i want to look toned, but i don’t want muscles… lol? what do you mean? muscles are what make you look toned. You can intertwine the act of losing weight and toning up through doing some cardio in order to shed excess fat and doing resistance and weight training in order to tone up your body. Hope this helps!

What do you think of protein shakes and supplements?

OK… i have no problem with protein shakes in order to help you reach your daily protein intake needed. HOWEVER i don’t think its necessary in building a great phyique. Its so easy to see your fitness inspiration and want to use/ take whatever it is they advertise… but please take time… remember many of them get paid to advertise these products, some of them don’t even use it, they work hard to reach their goals and ideal physique and you should too… unfortunately there is no magic pill. You just have to put in  the work. I believe in just putting in the work and eating right= results, however if you want to still use protein shakes and supplements i would just say whatever brand you choose make sure you do your research, many of them are filled with pure shit! Yes it will help you in reaching your goal weight/ physique. However it may  not be good for your health.. the whole point of a fitness journey is to be healthy right? look good, feel good, live longer? right. Having said that, if you are going to use a protein shake, i would suggest using organic ,the healthiest, GMO free protein powders. Point is research the ingredients.







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