Train for your Body-Type.

As we all know we are all shaped differently, this is because we all have different body types. The ‘technical’ term for this is somatotypes. Many years ago Dr Sheldon, seperated the body in to three different categories. These categories were called  Ectomorph, Mesomorphs & Endomorphs. All three of these body types as you’d imagine possess different qualities, strengths and weakness. The sterotypical Ectomorph is tall, thin, and long limbed. They find it difficult to gain weight,  Mesomorphs tend to have a muscular/ atheletic pyhsique, they can gain muscle easily and stay lean.  Endomorphs, are ‘typically’ heavy built, gain weight easily but can gain strength quite easily.

I have two oppinions about this, OK, after reading this you may think, the mesomorph is the ‘ideal’ pysique because of the qualities it posesses. I persoanally don’t believe in boxing yourself in to categories, you have to remember Somatotypes are just your body composition. Thats all, it doesn’t define you- or restrict you from your goals, but what it can do is help you in your process. You can be a combination of both you don’t specifically have to box yourself in to one. The problem with this is, its has the potential to restrict you from your goals, you may begin to condition and limit yourself due to this, however i think its important to know in order to progress and achieve the best results possible.

For example, I technically fit in to the description of an Endomorph. This is because i gain fat easily aswell as finding it difficult to shed some fat in areas. However there are other aspects of my body that can be considered ectomorphic or potentially even mesomorphic. As they appear thin, or obtain muscle quickly. But how has this aided me in knowing this? This has aided me in my training strategies. I have incorporated more cardio and high intensity workouts in to my routine. During my workouts, I try and take really short breaks, in order to keep the heart rate up. In the process of doing this i am gradually sheding some fat aswell as gaining lean muscle. I do about half an hour of carido every day before begining my actual workouts. In terms of eating i eat small regular meals spaced out during the day, not only does this provide me with energy throughout the day but this also gradually speeds up my metabolism . I have completely cut out processed foods from my diet because i not only understand how detrimental this is to my health but also my progress in the gym. I focus majorly on my diet, as i gain fat easily, fat is not necessarily bad in certain areas, but i try and focus on eating foods that i know will aid me in burning fat and of course have lots of health benefits !

Whereas on the opposite spectrum of this you have the ectomorph, the ectormorph i would suggest should do weight training in order to gain not only strength but also stimulate muslce growth. Cardio can be done but at a minimum in order to prevent them from losing gained weight or muscle. They should try and eat more calories than they burn off( obviously without hindering their health) and their meals should be predominantly based around good lean protein and complex carbs. In order to build lean muslce. Also including lots of healthy fats such as peanut butter , avacados, etc.

In the middle ground you have mesomorphs, although mesomorphs have a naturally muscular and athetlic physique they can also gain fat easily, so they too should pay attention to their diets. Because of this, they too should try and incoporate some form of cardio in to their routine-about 30 minutes of cardio  two-three times a week. They should try not to over train, focus on resistance and weight training in order to stimulate growth. Their diet should include, lean meats, healthy fats such as nuts, flaxseeds, peanut butter, etc.

In conclusion, this is only a breif introduction to somatotypes- if you want to read more upon this you can do your own research- read books or search the internet. Finally, do not let your body-type restrict you, in fact embrace it. Every body type has its strengths. Allow knowing your body-type to help you in cutting down fat- building muscle whatever your goal may be. Just don’t allow it to restrict you. Its always good to get to know and understand your body.


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