My views on, fat-shaming/ body shaming..

Firstly, its not hard to recognise if someone is slightly bigger than usual or overweight or even more so obese . However the problem comes along when soceity makes it their duty to inflict shame, sadness and disgust towards this person. That is wrong . Secondly we are all masters of our own lives, what we think, eat and breathe becomes our realtiy. So, reason I say this is because some people feel obliged to make others feel like shit just because others are slightly larger than the percieved average size… Shutup ! Their aware. Shutup.

Its nobodys responsibiltiy to inflict pain upon somebody else, or make them feel as though worthless due to their appearence. It doesn’t matter if your a fitness coach or an ‘angel’ sent from hell. Just Shutup. Because, some people are patronising enough to pretend as though they have good intentions whereas  secretly they desparately want to make others feel down. Unless you are family/ a friend that genuinely has good intentions then thats fair enough.

Fat- shaming or just general body shaming is wrong! “shes too thick”, “she’s too thin” “she’s really fat” – Ohh shutup! However: having said all of this, I must admit that some overweight people live their lifes in denial.  They don’t want to admit that they are “big” – & that its bad for their health. Leading me on to my second point is, if your unhappy with your weight. Stop moaning and wingeing and do something about it, either take action or accept it and shutup. For example I’ve had friends in the past that constantly complained and winged about their weight. However did nothing about it. Thats where there is an issue. Some overweight people are genuinely happy with their body and they work it! Others are not and constantly cry… hmmm well maybe put that packet of crisp down… hmm maybe get up and have a run. Make a change about it or sssh . Simple.

It’s crazy the changes food can make to ones health and physical appearence. Just like any other bad addiction, food can also be an addiction.  Reason i say this is because people can become addicted to certain substances in food. Many studies have shown that “junk food”/ “fast food” kills more than smoking. Crazy right? More so they are many reasons to why people over- eat and comfort eat. My point being is:by telling somebody “your fat” or cursing somebody- it changes nothing.Because regardless of your percieved to be negative comment  that person is still going to eat, and get more over weight. And yes some people may try and disguise it as being “real” But whatever”! Your “realness” was uncalled for and unecessary. Due to the  negative stigma that has been attached to the word “fat” it has made it something unpleasant to say to others. ” Over-weight” or “Big” is possibly more polite.

But Ok, why am i posting about this? this Topic is completely irrelevant to me? Yes but no. I am posting this because i think Fat shaming & body shaming is wrong. We all have our faults, but their a work in progress. Everybody is a  work in progress. You wouldn’t go down the street screaming “girl your so thick” or “girl your so slim” would you? no, so why do it to over-weight people. Encouraging self- hate & bullying is not cool. It takes life’s. This world is already filled with enough hatred without you adding some more to it. Take it easy, Mind your business, its not your business if someone is “fat”, mind your own, Is she your wife? your girl? your sister? your friend? if the answer is no to all of the above… then you know what you need to do. Shutup.

If you are somebody that is overweight or unhappy with your weight and you are reading this. Think twice before eating.  Think are you living to eat or eating to live? its simple and honestly I don’t mean this in a patronising way but our health is so important. No I am not a doctor, no i am not obese or overweight & no i don’t posess magical powers that will dramatically change your life.. lol. But truth is you don’t need to be overweight or “fat” as some would say in order to feel low or unhappy with yourself. Nevertheless, i am a testimony to what good food an exercise can do & you can be too. Just decide FOR yourself to ignite a change and watch your life do a 180.



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