I’ve got the secret..

Love can take you places.

It can. And thats not just me being a sentimental being that i am. It’s great to give and recieve love. Love makes the world go round… lol . But seriously it’s all good to give out love to people, and love those around you, make them feel special… BUT what about you? You must feel left out. Some may say that we have a great education system in place. Its the shit! LoL. No, we’ve been “educated” but what matters the most they’ve missed out. Whats that? self- love. If you don’t love yourself how can you ever know what it feels like to be loved 1 & 2 how will you ever be able to love whole -heartedly?…

Anyway in relation to Health and fitness more specifically. Whats the secret to keep going… self-love b! You’ve got to love yourself to know you are worth it. You’ve got to love yourself enough to keep going and to know that you deserve better. You deserve a well functioning body, you deserve to play with your siblings or even children without getting out of breath, You deserve to feel good naked, your worthy of happiness and many more.

Are you tired of crash diets, no carb diets, weight- watchers diet? Yes i presume so. The secret behind great health and an active lifestyle is not inside these diets. Give up on them today, they will never work or if they do they will only later disappoint. Invest in Whole foods and an active lifestyle and you can’t go wrong. These diets won’t enbale you to love yourself or like what you see in the mirror they won’t. These diets are not magical. They won’t change your life… as cliche as it sounds only you can do that.

When i say love yourself, what exactly do i mean? am i talking out my arse? Lol no. Loving yourself is wanting better for yourself. Loving yourself is instead of putting yourself down- recognising that  you need to change. Loving yourself is being good to you. Being kind and gentle to you. Don’t wait until you get there. Your not going to love yourself when you have the dream body or whatever you desire. You might do.. for a little while, then you’ll only find something else you hate or dislike. I challenge you to love yourself in the now, weather your a big person trying to lose weight or slim and trying to gain weight. Love and embrace it.

You might ask me HOW do i love myself… hmm… well, its difficult to say because everyone loves differently BUT what i will say is that you have to change your mindset. Change your views on love and everything you’ve been taught about love. Begin to clear your mind- meditate or pray whichever suits you. Most importantly start to view yourself past a “body” your not JUST a “body”. Your a soul. And yes some may say, “if i am a soul then why should i place so much importance on my body”… hmm not quite right. Lol. God doesn’t make mistakes. Your Mind Body and Soul – all are connected as though one. So if you have a weak mind most likely you’ll also have a weak body going along with it. One thing i would suggest is to cleanse and fall in love with your soul to begin with.

As soon, as you change your mindset and begin to view things this way, exercise and eating healthy doesn’t become a chore , or a bore or something to aid you in tempoary results. No. It becomes  your new addiction,it becomes compulsory, it becomes a necessity, a way of life and most importanly priority.

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