Change the way you think…

Today’s blog post is about changing the way you think- in order to change your life and accomplish your goals. In the process of becoming a better you physically, you will need to change your mental. The two go together. During this journey things will not always pan out the way you want them to- you will need to grow thick skin and keep it moving nevertheless. In our generation today we have been so conditioned to play the blame- game. Placing the blame on to others and never taking responsibility for our failures. We are in control of our life’s and most importantly our health! The reason why you are unhealthy, the reason why you get out of breath going up a flight of stairs, the reason why you don’t have your ‘dream’ body is because of you. In order to change that you need to start pointing the finger towards yourself- and understanding that the reason why your unhealthy and not the best version of yourself that you could be is because of you and only you.

Detach yourself from your feelings. I know I know… It doesn’t sound right- but really detach yourself and watch how things begin to change. Its part of the process of building self-discipline. Stop being a ‘bitch‘- we get caught up in our emotions far too much and as a result of this- this delays our journey towards accomplishing our goals. “I don’t feel like working out today” – “i’m too tired” – “I don’t have time” “I don’t feel motivated” “I haven’t got that…you know “ This is many excuses that I constantly hear. You don’t feel like going to the gym today- go anyway ! Its cold outside? It’s snowing? Its 45 degrees? Go anyway. All of those external things are completely irrelevant. Go either way, Becoming a better version of you is all bout building ‘good habits’, make working out a necessity. Re-programme your mental to view working out, drinking 3 litres of water a  day – your journey to great health as a NEED. You wake up in the morning and never forget or neglect brushing your teeth do you ? no. Start to view exercising and eating right this way. If you’ve planned to workout 5 days a week for example and have two days off and you’ve only managed to hit gym 3 days this week- reflect upon why it was you couldn’t work out the other two days- was it due to your emotions- if it was, that something you need to work on and move past.  One thing I would suggest is that just like having a food diary- have a ‘feel diary’ and similar to the food diary , in this ‘feel diary‘ you’ll record your emotions during the week . Its inevitable that you’ll have days where you don’t feel as enthusiastic or motivated- we are only human! HOWEVER, what separates the winners from the losers is that winners continue to win regardless of how they “feel” regardless of the weather, they never stop winning. Remember without health- we don’t have anything. Start to view this journey that your on as a lifestyle change- not a diet- not something your doing just for the summer or just for your birthday. No. A lifestyle change that you owe to yourself, a change that you are deserving of- therefore there can’t be no off days- or part time changes when you “feel” like it. It’s a necessity therefore you must continue on this journey that will never end but will only get better!

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