Starting out- Tips Tips!

Beginning your journey to health can be scary and I say specifically “health” and not “fitness” because fitness has loads of superficial connotations whereas health I see as giving your internal organs as much care as the outer shell even-though they don’t get as much attention. Anyway beginning is a great start that means you’ve already acknowledged that a change must be made which is great! Now onto my top 10 tips.

  1. DO NOT WAIT TILL TOMORROW. Live in the moment. if you want to make a healthy lifestyle change begin today don’t wait until tomorrow to stop binging on the junk ,start today. Moreover do not wait until Monday or even the new year to start your new lifestyle change- start on a Tuesday or Saturday even. Any- time it really doesn’t matter. Everyday is a new day- a new day to live and become one step closer to becoming the greatest version of yourself. So seize the day!
  2. Do NOT go on a “diet”, do not begin restricting yourself of essential food groups that your body needs in order to function in order to lose weight. Going on a diet indicates, short term results and more time when the results are accomplished the diet goes out the window. what diets do is take three of the most important components you need ie protein, carbs and fats and eliminates one of them and  doing this promotes short term results. Meaning once that weight is lost it will just be gained all back on . which you don’t want! Instead make a lifestyle change. Do not deprive yourself of any of the major food groups instead work on portion control. Maybe lower the amount of crabs you have. An example of a clean nutritious meal for meat eaters is ( 8 ounces of grilled chicken breast, a quarter to half a cup of brown rice and loads of leafy greens and vegetables)
  3. ” I worked out today so I can binge” – NO! it simply doesn’t work like that. Great healthy nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Ever heard the saying “you cannot outrun a bad diet”? true . Professional athletes will tell you themselves. They both need to compliment each other. Don’t go to the gym and spend loads of hours in there working up a sweat  and leave then binge on a big mac ….nooo. If you can’t do both or are not planning to do both then don’t bother. On average the female body takes up to 30-40 minutes of working out before it enter the fat burning stage, men slightly less about 20 minutes. So if you go to the gym and workout for an hour or so and straight after binge on a big mac, then the workout was completely pointless. Commit to this lifestyle change that your making. Be an example.
  4. Food diary- If your someone that knows you don’t have much food discipline, I would suggest creating a food diary. write down everything that you eat throughout the day- each day and at the end of the day review this list and see where you went wrong what you binged on for this day and how you can improve this the next day. Do not get discouraged, its not your fault if your someone that eats a lot of processed foods they have addictive agents that draw you towards them (I’ll make a post about that) but try your hardest to stay away from them. Don’t beat yourself down just set your sights ahead.
  5. LOVE YOURSELF !- This is really really important or if not completely find something  that you love -even if its just your hips or your calf’s that you like about yourself. I say this because, its not about looking towards this end product that you hope you’ll love, because if you don’t love your current self you’ll always find faults in your new self – love yourself, weather your skinny and trying to gain weight or slightly on the large side trying to lose weight it doesn’t matter, love yourself because this is the only way you’ll continue on this journey. its the only way, love is the language of the world and you can never really understand it until you begin to speak it, begin speaking the love in to your own existence and watch as your world and your body begins to change. Honestly its that simple.
  6. Set a Goal for yourself- and speak it in to existence. It may be a picture of what you used to look like or a picture of a friend or a fitness fanatic that really inspires you. speak this into your sub-concious and begin to visualise yourself. This will help motivate you on days when you feel like giving up.
  7. Never miss a workout – when your “just not feeling up to it” – don’t. Reason i say this is because those are the days that you will look back upon and smile and say you had the courage to push beyond any emotional struggle you had that day or any de motivation. understand the power of your mind and how this impacts dramatically on the changes also made to the body.
  8. “patience is a virtue”- remain patient. Do not expect quick results. Change doesn’t happen overnight. put in the time, the sweat and the energy and i promise you will get the results you desire. Don’t expect a quick change and don’t be discouraged when you don’t see immediate change, after eating and apple or one healthy meal or a couple of trips to the gym. Don’t be disheartened but continue and you will see results. Consistency is key – stay consistent and you will see results. You should aim to hit the gym or workout at least 3-5 times a week. Begin to fall in love with the process and not just see it as a burden. our health is our wealth and we must invest in it. On average it takes about 21 days to create a new habit- so keep going !
  9. Don’t be afraid to seek help or guidance- ask questions! If you don’t understand something ask someone at the gym whom you believe might- this is the only way you can learn or grow. Tiding into this always be open to tips and advice its the only way to grow.
  10. Last but not least- DRINK WATER !! Hydrate the body and replenish the cells, get the digestive system moving. The benefits of water are endless. From glowing healthier skin to calorie control, healthy kidneys etc. Aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Or if your not much of a water drinker 6-8 cups a day to begin with and you can up it as you go along.

These are just a few tips to begin with but if you would like more specific and direct advice personal to you contact me @